Have Suzanne, as Lucy, host or perform your next event!

Below are a few of the packages Suzanne offers through her company, Sunshine Productions.

Please call for availability and prices.



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Suzanne writes specialty material around the honoree, award ceremony, corporation, or charity involved when hosting an event. She has become an expert in raising the bar for your silent auction and will get the highest bid for your live auction items.


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The Lucy Ricardo Show:


Suzanne has also created a "quickie" Lucy Ricardo Show - for venues only in need of a 20-30 minute smile, remembering CBS' endearing wacky redheaded housewife. The show includes memorable highlights from the "I Love Lucy"  program, finishing with the #1 fan favorite, "Vitameatavegamin" commercial.


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The Christmas Show:


For Holiday Shows “Lucy” will normally interrupt a speaker or other act by making a commotion in the audience.  The reason for the “commotion” is always customized for the program at hand. There are several scenarios including games, songs, and the human "12 Days Of Christmas". Of course, you can always tailor "The Lucy Ricardo Show" as well.


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Grape Stomping:


As performed in the "I Love Lucy"  episode #150, Lucy's Italian Movie, Lucy and Terissa demonstrate how to stomp grapes for your guests...Lucy style. The package can even be safely interactive.


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* All of Suzanne's appearances and prices are based on a case-by-case basis, also upon: approval, location, type of appearance, availability, etc.



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