Suzanne LaRusch as Lucy was awarded 4th Runner up on ABC's THE NEXT BEST THING! (The #1 ABC show for 8 weeks!) To see her original skits that got her there - and more - visit our press room link above... or (click here)


It should be quickly noted Suzanne finished as the highest ranked WOMAN celebrity impersonator in the nationwide search competition. And to answer some questions.... YES, all the material you saw Suzanne perform was written by Suzanne herself.


"Thank you so much for all your help, support, well wishes and VOTES!!! - it was a fun ride"

You're tremendous! It's a little eerie. We'll talk soon, Mom."

- Lucie Arnaz


"Suzanne's likeness to Lucille is uncanny. She has caught all her mannerisms, her voice, and even her appearance. It's sort of spooky!"

- Madelyn Pugh Davis

(Original I LOVE LUCY Co-creator and Writer)


"I have seen Lucille Ball saluted in many ways over the years, but no one has ever captured the essence of the lady the way Suzanne has."

- Tom Watson

(Lucille's Business Affairs Manager & friend)


"We couldn't stop staring at Suzanne when we first met her. Where did they find her? I almost had a heart attack! Well maybe we can have a reunion after all."

- Original I Love Lucy Cast Members:

Doris Singleton (Carolyn Applebee)
Shirley Mitchell (Marion Strong)

                Mary Jane Croft (Betty Ramsey)





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